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How do you dress for office workers in winter? Learn to wear these temperament, Xiaobai can also be a workplace beauty

2020-02-26 10:01:58

As a qualified office worker, I believe that everyone knows a rule clearly, that is, "the external is the internal must be together", which means that the boss is only interested in your high-efficiency high-quality workload, but also the impression of appearance.

Although the industry has been diversified now, there is no need to dress very formally in many places every day, but it is the workplace after all. People who wear nice exquisite clothes can always give a good impression, but for us young people who can't get up in the morning can't sleep at night, "matching" is really a headache.

How on earth can I keep my delicate appearance without getting up early? Most people can't do it unless you love minimalism! What is minimalism? As the name suggests, minimalism is a very simple style. It can only maintain a simple atmospheric image for office workers, but also be a good way to save time effort in clothing matching.

Foreign trade tail list, fashionable women's wear, brand clothing I, suit

When it comes to office workers, what are the pieces that come to mind first? What Xiaobian thinks of is a suit with smooth lines, which can be used only in the workplace, but also in daily life. This year's popular casual suit is popular with female stars. Xiaobian often sees its figure in life, so how does it match?

Suits + jeans are the favorite collocation of knitwear in spring, autumn winter. The suits with neat smooth lines can be regarded as sublimation collocation for each other when they meet the classic timeless jeans. This collocation can be changed into a slightly thick woolen suit in winter, it can wear a very high-level feeling (especially black) when matching with any bottom coat.

In addition to matching jeans, skirts straight pants are good choices. The two wearing methods are more suitable for sisters who are confident in the leg type. Besides the function of modifying the leg type, they can also set off the golden proportion of the body, which is a perfect match.

Foreign trade tail list, fashionable women's wear, brand clothing II, overcoat

Coat is a piece that many working sisters like very much. Although it's as warm as down jacket, it's enough for some areas, it's really popular with its combination of beauty warmth. In the office building, we need to choose some overcoats with more stable colors, such as black, dark green, earth color system, etc. These overcoats can give us a very "reliable" appearance, but also show the existence of skinny.

Sisters can choose to wear some dresses / skirts, casual pants / Jeans, which depends on their own body style. However, you should remember that the color of "three color principle" should jump too much when you choose skirts pants. You should also try to choose leather boots, leather shoes, pointy shoes other shoes with ol style The choice is directly determined by whether you are more suitable for work shopping.

For Xiaobian, going to the office is equivalent to going to a very warm country (because of the air conditioner on), so Xiaobian will choose a thicker coat a thinner interior, which can only ensure the warmth of the outdoor, but also ensure that you can be so stuffy hot indoors, like sisters can refer to Oh!