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Final list of foreign trade
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Learn the principle of "three colors" in the final list of foreign trade. Fashion is colorful obvious. It is as delicate as fashion blogger every day!

2020-02-26 10:05:06

It's said that dressing is an art. It's a goddess to wear clothes. It's a joke to wear wrong clothes. Almost every morning, one of the reasons for staying in bed is very obvious, that is, even when you get up, you don't know what to wear.

Some sisters may also have the same trouble. They have already bothered to dress up. When they leave the door, they still feel that they are very decent. Looking in the mirror, they think it's OK, but it's strange. Besides our own hardware is perfect at this time, the big reason may be that there's something wrong with your look color.

Many people attach great importance to the so-called three color rule, foreign trade tail list, fashion women's wear, brand clothing. What does that mean? In fact, it means that in the clothes we wear head to toe, the choice of color should be kept within three kinds. Three kinds here mean three color systems, three colors. In fact, the color of the same color system can be regarded as one kind. Before, the relationship between them is increasing in depth, the influence is great.

After that, I think we have a preliminary understanding of color classification collocation. How can the "three color principle" be used in actual dressing?

1. One with color + two without color

This kind of collocation is more suitable for low-key dressing dressing with small white. One with color + two without color is exactly three main colors. The effect will be more generous simple, the error rate is also very low. Generally, you can wear out without thinking, which is a very common color matching.

2. Two with color + one without color

This kind of dressing is also quite common. If you want to give people a lively cheerful feeling, you can choose to wear with color with high lightness, but the saturation must be sure before you can try, otherwise it is very difficult to control. If you want to give people a sense of calm literature art, you can choose to wear with color with low saturation low lightness.

3. Three colorless

The three colorless ones are black white gray, black white gold, black white silver, black gray silver, black gray gold black gold silver, but the latter one is very common, which is generally suitable for wearing in large-scale activities. The common one is black white gray. The overall feeling of wearing is low-key high-level.

After reading the above collocation cases, compared with the basic understanding of tricolor collocation, in addition, when we use it in our life, we need to pay attention to several points to be more brilliant!

1. Color distribution according to body shape

As we all know, light color will have the effect of visual expansion, while dark color will have the effect of visual contraction, so if we are satisfied with our body shape, we can modify it according to two sentences. For example, the fat apple shape of the upper body can choose to wear light color on the lower body, while the pear shape of the lower body is more prominent, we can wear light color on the upper body.

2. the distribution proportion has primary secondary

The so-called distribution proportion is the proportion of colors in our overall collocation. The three colors of a set of costumes must be evenly divided. Only when there is a master a second can they give people a sense of disorder, the sense of hierarchy will come out immediately.

As long as we master the "three color principle" described in the article, we can be handy in any season of spring, summer, autumn winter, can be used in life at any age! Let's be beautiful together!