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Final list of foreign trade
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Which color is more suitable for foreign trade?

2020-02-26 10:06:46

I believe that many sisters have the same confusion, that is, when buying clothes, they always tangle about which color they want, look at this color think it's perfect, then look at that color think it's better, so they can't buy their own satisfied color in the end. This kind of situation may be a small case for the sisters with more money beautiful people, but it's a small case for the student party the poor people who have just joined the society For Minku girls, it's a waste of money, time feelings.

So before we buy, we need to know what color is more suitable for us to buy what color is more versatile, so that we will be entangled in the selection.

First of all, we need to judge according to our own situation. It's natural for us to have a figure that looks obvious at a glance. We all know a principle, that is, dark colors generally have the effect of visual shrinkage. When two identical clothes are worn on the body, they always look thinner in dark colors, while light colors will have the effect of self expansion, which will make us feel fat. This is what we do in foreign trade Taillist, fashion women's wear, brand clothing can be combined with the following analysis to make specific judgments.

1、 White

Among all kinds of colors, white is pure. It is simple advanced. It can basically be used as auxiliary color to match all colors. It can only increase the sense of hierarchy, but also neutralize the overall style for other main colors. Matching with dark color can break the dull feeling. Matching with light color is more gentle. Therefore, the basic color of many kinds of bottoming clothes is white. Shirt is just a Example.

2、 Beige / apricot / Cream

Compared with white, this kind of color will give people a mellow feeling. Beige is yellow apricot is brown, while cream is what we often call milky white. These three kinds of colors are slightly warm, so they are very easy to control can also be worn as an outside match. Some overcoats, sweaters even casual pants worn in autumn winter are of this kind of color. It has the effect of refreshing aging reducing when matching with any color of single product Fruit.

3、 Earth color

Most of the initial impression of the earth's color is mostly on the make-up level. The eye shadow of the earth color is the eye shadow that can be closed to the eye, because the color system is generally integrated with "nature", is also the same with the yellow people. Camel, brown khaki are among them, are also very common colors. It also has a hint of literature art, at the same time, it is calm very young.

4、 Advanced grey

The advanced grey here generally refers to all grey systems, both dark light colors are very advanced. As we all know, the grey system is the product of black + white, so it combines the stability of black the purity of white to have such a gentle versatile color, which is suitable for wearing with the bright color system, but the color should jump too much.

5、 Black

Black is the Savior in the eyes of fat girls. It seems that with it, no one else can see your real body fat thin, but is it true? The answer is completely correct. Black is indeed much thinner than other colors. It doesn't pick skin at all. White girls wear white light, while yellow black girls can also show color very well. Although black look symbolizes low-key mysterious, it also has dullness inflexibility. So when wearing black look, they usually combine some single products with a little brighter color Black white is a good example.

Sisters can take their seats according to the above analysis, choose the right color according to their own skin, body style, with a certain number in mind, so as to ensure that they will easily step on thunder when buying clothes!