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Final list of foreign trade
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Brand clothing learn to distinguish warm cold skin color, clothing with half the effort, since then color matching does ask people!

2020-02-26 10:08:55

Many sisters always have a series of troubles due to skin color problems. Every time they go shopping visit a treasure, there are always many colors that they like very much but dare try easily. They feel that they are friendly to white skin girls. To themselves, they are disaster colors, but in fact, there is no disaster color. It is important to understand their skin color first in the final list of foreign trade, fashionable women's wear brand clothing.

The problem of skin color is what we should know as a girl. I believe that most girls have a pretty good understanding of themselves. After all, the color of skin is only related to the color of clothing, but also the liquid foundation, scarf jewelry necklace.


Here, the editor will make analysis according to the white, yellow, black skin the warm cold color of the skin color. First of all, it is our skin color problem. If you want to make a judgment on this point, you can judge whether you belong to the cold color the warm color according to your skin color preference. At this time, you can take a piece of white paper to make a judgment put it beside your cheek in the mirror. If it is white The paper set off the skin with a pink tone, that is, cold skin, if it is yellow olive color, it is warm skin.

If this is obvious enough, there are other opinions about this judgment, such as jewelry judgment method, warm leather wearing gold jewelry is more white, anyway, silver jewelry of cold leather belt is more white, it can also be distinguished by looking at wrist blood vessels, cold leather blood vessels are purple, while warm leather is green, there are purple green, most of which are neutral colors.


As we all know, Barbie powder of death is a color that girls dare try easily in any case. In the picture on the left, Jinchen presents a feeling of being transparent cold in white, while in the picture on the right, the picture on the birth shows a warm yellow color. Although the temperament of Jinchen's little sister is indeed online, it is still cold skin that can better control this color.


In the following figure is the color card corresponding to the cold warm leather. Through observation, we can find that the color of the cold leather is basically the cold color system with very few warm colors, even the red color is with a bit of blue tone, so that the color of the clothes on the body will more highlight the foreign feeling, even the temperament is very fresh.


Yang Mi with cold white skin will look old in warm colors, while Katy Perry, a fruit sister with cold black skin, has a lot of experience in matching this cold color tone. Even if she is black skin, her whole body is full of charming luster.

On the whole, cold skin, warm skin neutral skin are both suitable. This method can greatly reduce the probability of stepping on thunder by judging the suitable dress color!