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Final list of foreign trade
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This is the final list of foreign trade. Its boring to wear it! Gentle aging earth color matching, easy to wear a high-level feeling!

2020-02-26 10:12:20

I don't know if you have found that the streets alleys in the past two years have become more more "gentle"? It may be because of the sudden explosion of Morandi color, which gives us a different color for the original "warm boring", we are also affected one after another, so we are about to be gentle, so the streets are showing a "high saturation above" low security on the ground.

Although molandi color is really gentle, but in the cold winter, we still need to add a little more perseverance calmness in the gentle, so the earth color system successfully brought warmth for this winter. The so-called earth color, as its name implies, is close to the soil, the earth the natural color, which is very consistent with our Asian yellow skin, is the most difficult to make mistakes.

the land color in the aspect of clothing matching is surprisingly few. The most common thing about foreign trade tail list, fashion women's clothing brand clothing is that it is easy to wear it out with the feeling of "old dull". This is the reason why many girls are very resistant to the land color, but in fact, the color matching is wrong. Basically, these problems are to be bothered!

1、 Light color system

The light color system is the most gentle low-key existence in the earth color. The soft color matching like cream is very suitable for the cold winter. The most common color matching is the collision between the khaki color the milky white. The khaki color is slightly heavier than the milky color, the overall color is brown. There is no skin picking on the body. At this time, the milky color can play the role of lighting neutralization, As a whole, it is neither monotonous nor dull.


There is also the oat color with light gray color, which is also a hot color number. This kind of clothes can only be used as an inside match, whether it's a sweater a sweater, even a coat, it can be easily held. It's suitable for matching with some items with gray color darker color, which can be said to be "pleasing by strength".

2、 Dark color system

Dark color is the first one, because no matter it appears, it can always bring a sense of calm neatness to the whole, so it is very suitable for the girls of office workers to wear. The way to wear it on the left is to choose a cold brown skirt to match. Warm brown cold Brown wear together, with another flavor.


In addition, it's also a good choice to match black brown, but it's so monotonous to choose a lighter color neutralize it.

3、 Depth match

The so-called combination of depth light is the combination of depth light, which only increases the sense of hierarchy but also is too monotonous. It can effectively avoid the dull feeling that the earth color is easy to wear. With the light color matching such as milk white apricot color, it will also show the advanced sense age reducing effect brought by Brown system, which is the most indispensable combination in autumn winter.


The three kinds of dressing in the picture are of this kind. Light brown scarf brown Leggings are selected, together with thin nonexistent black leggings + boots, the coat is a cream down jacket. Such a look is usually sweet on the top cool on the bottom, with soft beauty rich masculinity of female sex, showing a superior body proportion. The second kind is more casual, the third kind of generous simple at the same time without losing the feminine flavor is a good example.

It has also been said on the Internet that the earth color is the most simple essential color. The natural color brings mental relaxation happiness. It can only bring comfortable wonderful feeling to yourself, but also the impression to others. It's better to try to be an elegant earth girl together.