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Final list of foreign trade
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How beautiful are the small white trousers? It can save dull dark color items, it has a sense of sophistication that little black pants cant give

2020-02-26 10:13:53

Foreign trade final list, fashionable women's wear, As soon as the brand clothing arrives in winter, the little black pants in the Wardrobe "reappear in the Jianghu" one after another. It is also the most common one in the street. It is one of the essential items in winter, no matter the pattern of Bottomwear the pattern of trousers on the outside. Because everyone is based on the benefit of black showing thin black matching, the "negative effect" brought by tight pants is often ignored.

The so-called negative impact is nothing more than two points. One is that it is worn on the body highlights the leg shape. Some sisters with unsightly legs are easy to suffer losses in this respect. Moreover, winter is still a warm season. At this time, the black thin on our legs is very effective. The second is that although it is versatile, it will inevitably have a dull feeling on the body, which makes people one Inadvertently into the "aging" team.


Although it has many side effects, it still doesn't hinder people's dependence liking for it. That's because we haven't got the advantages of little white pants yet. Although white is a color with a strong sense of expansion for people, there is always the suspicion of being fat when wearing it, but in fact, it is a problem to choose the right pants for them!

In addition to wide leg pants, radish pants are also the best choice for small white pants. Compared with wide leg pants, these pants are more handsome. They are casual fashionable with a sweater. They are sweet salty. Although they don't have the same leg length as wide leg pants, the effect of leg modification is always good, so the heat is no less than wide leg pants.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it's more suitable for matching with sweater sweater, it's suitable for wearing down jacket outside. With this look, you will find that wide leg pants + overcoat are outward extending radians, foreign trade tail list, fashionable women's wear, Brand clothing radish pants + down clothes are introverted. They are as lazy as wide legged pants. They give people a more sweet clean feeling.

In terms of shoes socks, radish pants have a wider range than wide leg pants. You can choose to match with some Martin boots to increase the sense of handsome, choose dad shoes board shoes to control well.

The two kinds of small white pants have their own advantages. You can choose them according to your own style figure. The high-level sense of the single item used to match some dark colors is particularly prominent. This is the same as the small white shoes. It can always set off the monotonous rigid look with a more flexible simple feeling, but remember that when matching, it must be too fancy, more than three main colors Even if the tone of look has personality again, it will give people a sense of chaos when wearing out!