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Final list of foreign trade
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Foreign trade tail single chest too big also become trouble? Dont waste your advantages, its charming comfortable

2020-02-26 10:58:51

As for the figure, it's worth our girls to spend their whole life to improve maintain. In the past, the figure we yearned for was naturally the place we should be fat, the place we should be thin, but now there are many girls with big breasts who are troubled. Obviously, it's the ideal figure of many girls, but they always feel that they have a great distance the sense of fashion. The plump figure has become bloated in the eyes of outsiders 。

Why does this happen? In fact, the culprit is still a few happy worried big breasts. Although it is indeed the key point of many plump, sexy, enchanting other words, but in life, foreign trade tail list, fashionable women's wear, brand clothing casually a slightly tight dress on the big chest girl is especially nightclub style, let alone temperament, even image is in a state of total absence.


In the same embarrassing situation, even the Kardashian family, which is famous for its funnel figure, was spared. The golden sister in the champagne dress really looked fat.

What's more, it's the winter when everything is bloated. Can big breasted girls be saved? In fact, like other figures with remarkable characteristics, we have to avoid some thunder pits so that we can easily find the right direction.

Foreign trade tail list, fashionable women's wear, brand clothing I, style details

When it comes to style, the place close to the theme is the neckline waist. Too large bust will directly produce the inertial connection in vision, which will give people a feeling of tiger back bear waist. If we also choose too high collar, it will directly cover the exposed part of the neck, which will give people a greater sense of both seeing seeing.

Foreign trade final list, fashionable women's wear, brand clothing II, appearance

The appearance here refers to the color material of clothes. For color, most people think that black is thin, so they will basically choose it the same way. However, black is thin in a certain range. A large area of black only gives people a full sense of weight. On the contrary, instead of this, it's better to choose a colorful color to create a light feeling, great Maisel The big breasted hostess in Madame loves this kind of color dress, light, playful, elegant dignified.


After reading the above content, do you have a slightly clear route in choosing? In fact, such a figure is a defect. The beautiful curve of the short sleeve T-shirt is a gift God. Try to find the right direction for yourself!