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Do wear jeans for women running three four times! Try these kinds of pants, fashionable, age reducing temperament

2020-02-26 11:51:31

With the growth of age, personal style overall trend are constantly changing. What we can do is to accept enjoy it. In fact, each age group has different experiences. For appearance, the elegance gradually growing up than the age is often more fascinating than the strong concave girl feeling. But despite this, few people can clearly find their own definition, especially the women who run three to four. The women who run three to four are an important node light maturity to maturity, while running four is a step towards middle age. At this time, we are most confused about the trend of our own wearing style.

Many women like the same old idea of wearing matching. Tight sweaters jeans are hung on their bodies, which means that they will go out on the streets without any reservation of age. Even if the maintenance is young, there will be a strong smell of aunt. So even if we are in the age of running four, we still need to keep the unique "hard to guess" of women. So many kinds of clothes have spread in the female star circle of Song Jia, Huo Siyan Liu Tao around 80 years ago. Even at the same age, people always feel stupid, only because they can maintain, but also because dressing has become a kind of knowledge. Once popular spots in the 1960s 1970s have a new cycle, the most common ones are radish pants, wide leg pants suit pants.

1、 Radish pants

Radish pants, as the name suggests, are pants with the same shape as radish. They are common in leisure pants. They are very effective in modifying the leg shape. This pants is also one of the favorite items of 39 year old song Jia. It has both leisure age reduction comfort. The key is to wear them without losing any beauty. It's the choice of four women.

2、 Wide leg pants

The wide leg pants are generally in a wide range of styles, but most of them are worn for the benefit of modifying the leg shape showing the leg length. Baoshi's mother huosiyan is a loyal fan of the wide leg pants. We can see that in her daily life, apart the jeans, they are micro slacks, the wide leg jeans, which make her post natal fat invisible.

3、 Suit pants

The characteristic of suit pants is that the atmosphere is doubled. Many women are still vigorous even when they are approaching middle age. Wearing a suit suit of leisure type can only increase their spirit, but also make them firm precise in temperament.

These clothes pictures trouser patterns shared today are very suitable for women running three four times. The most important thing is to be clear about your position. The most beautiful is the elegance of the big the old