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Wearing requirements of brand clothing for several different occasions

2020-05-07 09:41:26

Today, I'd like to talk about the wearing requirements of brand clothing for several different occasions.

1. Dress requirements for festive occasions.

The festive occasions mentioned here include wedding ceremony, birthday commemoration, party, Holiday Garden so on. The scenes are large small, both indoors outdoors, but in general, they have the characteristics of warm atmosphere high mood. In order to coordinate with this atmosphere, we should pay attention to the following aspects in clothing.

① Rich in color. According to the research of aestheticians, color has symbolic meaning, different colors can make people have different associations. For example, in China, red symbolizes auspiciousness, while white reminds people of death. In formal celebration occasions, men's clothing is suitable for dark color, single color, stripe, dark small grid; in other occasions such as sightseeing, party, etc., you may choose bright color clothing, pattern color should be gorgeous unified. No matter what festive occasion, women can choose to wear colorful clothes for themselves.

② The style should be novel. Men may have a smaller choice of clothing styles. In formal celebration occasions, it is still mainly to wear Zhongshan suit, suit own national costume; in other festive occasions, it is possible to wear all kinds of casual clothes, such as two-piece shirt, jacket shirt, jeans, etc., in an effort to show relaxed unrestrained. Women's choice is relatively much larger. According to the different seasons activities, they can wear suits (pants skirts under them) national costume Dress, can also wear Chinese style top with long skirt trousers, can also wear cheongsam dress.

③ For example, when visiting getting together, men can wear suits, which can be up down, up down color separation, tie ; women can wear all kinds of loose clothing accessories.

④ Women can make up properly. Of course, this should be consistent with the scene its own characteristics. It is suitable to wear heavy make-up in outdoor activities during the day. According to the current habit of our country, a woman who is over sixty years old still has eyes, eyebrows, makeup fragrance, which can easily lead to an excessive feeling, such as he Xiangu in the marriage of little erhei.

2. Dress requirements for solemn occasions.

The so-called solemn occasions refer to ceremonies, formal banquets, meetings with foreign guests, etc. In this kind of occasion, there are generally strict etiquette requirements, which are the same in the dress, so it is natural that they should be casual.

① Those who are required to wear formal dress in the invitation must wear it according to the regulations. Men can wear the same color, the same quality of wool, suits national clothing; women can wear various suits, evening gowns cheongsam, long skirts, etc. We should show our bearing cultivation the clothing. Even if there is no specific dress code on the invitation, you should pay attention to dress properly neatly. In solemn occasions, it is suitable to wear jacket, jeans other casual clothes, to mention shorts vests.

② Strictly follow the dress code. For example, when a man wears a suit, he must wear a tie. If there is a vest in the suit, he should put the tie in the vest. Clothes should be ironed flat, trousers should be ironed out of the trouser line, collars cuffs should be clean, leather shoes should be polished, etc. In order to wear the Zhongshan suit, the neckline, neckline hook pants button should be fastened. Wear a long sleeved shirt with the hem tucked into the pants. Do tuck your sleeves roll up the hem. Women should wear sandals barefoot. If you wear long socks, do expose the mouth of the socks outside your dress. As a part of clothing, women's gauze gloves, gauze masks, hats, shawls coats are also allowed to be worn indoors according to custom, while men are allowed to wear hats gloves at any time indoors.

③ Behave politely. For example, you can't put your hands in your pants pocket. No matter how hot the weather is, you can't unbutton take off your clothes in public. When attending a small banquet, if the host signs to undress, the man can take off his coat put it on the back of the chair.

④ Men generally do wear sunglasses indoors, that is to say, they should wear sunglasses when there is a ceremonious ceremony a ceremonial occasion such as greeting seeing off. In case of eye disease, it is necessary to wear tinted glasses, which shall be explained to the guest the host.

3. Clothing requirements for sad occasions.

The so-called sad occasion refers to saying goodbye to the remains of relatives friends at the funeral parlor, attending the funerals mourning activities of relatives friends, etc. The atmosphere of these occasions is more solemn, because of the death of relatives, the mood of bereavement is more sad. In order to show respect for the dead sympathy for the bereaved, the following points should be paid attention to in terms of clothing:

① To wear black other dark, plain clothing, with white dark shirt, avoid big red, big green, colorful.

② The style of clothing should make people feel solemn. It is suitable to wear all kinds of loose clothing other casual clothes, nor to wear clothes with lace, embroidery streamer other decorations, so as to dilute the atmosphere of the scene.

③ Dress in a standard neat way, look solemn in line with your inner pain. Don't be open-minded, careless informal.

④ When a memorial service is held, one should take off one's hat to mourn.

⑤ You can't use a flower handkerchief, don't wear lipstick, don't wear decorations.