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Final list of foreign trade
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The final list of foreign trade reminds you: common sense to avoid white clothes being polluted

2020-05-07 09:42:58

f you like to wear white clothes, learn some common sense about how to avoid white pollution. Weihai Foreign Trade final bill of goods manufacturers remind you of some useful tips.

First of all, what kind of fabric do you need to know: cotton, polyester blended? Today's white can no longer be compared with the white of your grandmother's day. In grandmother's time, only cotton linen, bed sheets, bath towels tea towels were white. If it's dirty yellow, bleach it. Today, you need to read the notes on the label first.


Many of today's white clothing fabrics look brighter whiter, will be damaged if you use chlorine bleach sunlight.

The stains on the man-made fiber are easy to remove. When washing clothes, the easiest polluted way is to wash the white clothes together. Don't mix the white clothes with other colors. The clothes of other colors will fade a little. This is important for clothing of any fabric (cotton chemical fiber).

When encountering pollution, try to clean it as early as possible, but move slowly, it may take several times to remove the stain. The dry cleaner will tell you that if you splash something on your clothes, you can clean it immediately with water (most of the time).

The first is clean water, which can remove 80% of the pollution. If it's oil, lipstick salad dressing, it's the same.

If it's oil, you have to use some mild soap (shampoo, hand soap detergent). If you don't have these, you can find a bag of artificial sweeteners. You need to pat the dessert on the stain wait. The sweetener will absorb most of the oil. Starch can do the same.

When it comes to sugar pollution, any drink contains sugar, whether it's coffee, iced tea soda. The sugar then shows up, the stain you thought guaranteed to get clean will then show a shadow. You have to rinse well. Sugar pollution like macula, left behind.

Coat clothing to protect fabric, cuffs collars. Sweat salt form a yellow circle under the armpit. Aluminum compounds are often found in antiperspirants. When washing clothes, detergent liquid is directly used in these parts.

Some tips are provided, you can take some wipes with you. They contain alcohol water. Alcohol can remove ink contamination lipstick. Take a small bottle of mild detergent with you, buy a "decontamination stick" on the market to deal with some pollution, some of which contain dry cleaning ingredients.