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Color matching skills of brand clothing during travel holiday

2020-05-07 09:44:04

More more brand clothing holidays, more more opportunities for leisure to go out, full of interest to prepare to go out, but it is difficult to manage the luggage - what to wear? Today, Weihai Foreign Trade Company will explain to you the color matching skills of brand clothing when you are on vacation?

Many people travel in T-shirts, jeans khaki shorts, sneakers. This kind of dress is too impersonal, almost a thousand people on one side, can't highlight their own style at all. If you choose a dim color take photos, you will feel listless.

Holiday is a very happy pleasant thing. First of all, the choice of clothing color should be light bright, especially do wear black, dark blue, charcoal other dull colors. Color can directly affect people's mood. These too solemn steady colors will greatly reduce your holiday mood. Choose light pink, orange, bright yellow, clear water green, water blue so on to make your mood bright.

If you can't match all the above colors, you can choose soft white. If you have enough confidence in yourself, you can use three kinds of colors to decorate yourself in a large area.

Such as lemon yellow silk pullover, orange red puffy skirt a pair of light yellow green casual shoes, full of youth; it can also be peacock green vest, ginger yellow coat, purple heavyweight silk pants, brown backpack flat sole shoes, relaxed elegant. If you are at the seaside, bright green with blue, yellow with blue are good.

This summer has been popular in a large area of color wear on the body, usually do dare to work bold color, just can be used in travel. The national style long dress that is popular back is just suitable for Southeast Asia. As long as you don't climb mountains, you can wear it on any occasion. It's equipped with a pair of slippers, with a large necklace, the happy feeling is floating in the whole journey.