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How to choose the shirt for men

2020-05-07 09:44:51

There are many kinds of men's foreign trade tailoring shirt, no matter the formal occasion suit the leisure suit match during the holiday, shirt is indispensable everywhere. What kind of shirt to wear on what occasions how to wear it give people a completely different impression. It is a basic knowledge for modern men to know the texture, selection, wearing tie matching of shirts.

Dividing neckline

The collars of shirts are usually divided into the following six categories.

Standard collar: professional length open angle are "gentle" collar called standard collar. This kind of shirt is common in business activities. Its color is mainly monochrome white. It is the most common common style.

Heterochromatic collar: refers to a plain striped shirt with a white collar. Some cuffs are also made of white. Most collar types are standard collar open angle collar. There are many shapes of the collar tip, usually round. The men who choose different color collar must pay attention to coordination in collocation, otherwise they will be classified as "tasteless".

Concealed button collar: the traditional left right collars are sewed with lifting buttons, the tie passes through the lifting buttons. The shirt collar with tight collar emphasizes the three-dimensional image of the tie structure. Wearing this type of collar shirt, you must wear a tie make it smaller, usually with a tight knot, never loosen the tie knot at will, so that the collar appears proper.

Open collar: a romantic collar with an angle between 120 180 degrees. This type of collar is also called "Windsor" collar "French" collar. It is said that the Duke of Windsor, who didn't love the beautiful people, liked this collar the most.

Button collar: the sports collar is fixed on the body with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt. It is the only one of all shirts that does require sizing. Typical American style, casual natural, comfortable convenient. This collar is mostly used on Casual Shirts, such as jeans.

Long pointed collar: it is a fashionable, slender slightly pointed collar with simple proper lines. It has the characteristics of diversified clothing in the new century, is mostly used as a dress shirt with classical style. Usually white plain.



Insight into clothing materials

Shirts are made of cotton. The thickness of the cotton thread the weaving method are different, the shirt materials are different, the sense of touch vision are also different.

Youth cloth: light thin cotton shirt fabric with dyed cotton thread vertically white cotton thread horizontally. Light soft, with a slight luster, the most common is the combination of blue cotton white cotton.

Oxford cloth: the fabric commonly used for button collar shirts, which is plain woven has thick lines. The colors include white, blue, pink, yellow, green gray, most of which are light. It is soft, breathable durable, which is popular among young people.

Striped plain cloth: shirt fabric made of dyed bleached cotton, with color matching of white red, white blue, white black, etc. It can be used as sports shirt dress shirt.

Fine plain cloth: the most common shirt material, usually white, the finer the cotton thread used, the softer the hand feel, the feeling of high-grade fine plain cloth almost silk, the made shirt is mostly used for dress other occasions.