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Basic skills of brand clothing matching with emphasis on individuality

2020-05-07 09:46:03

Basic skills of brand clothing matching with emphasis on individuality today

1. Gradually establish your own dress style treat fashion objectively

There is only one reason why we are so impressed by the clothing experts, whether designers celebrities, who have created their own styles. One cannot talk about one's own set of aesthetics, but one should have one's own aesthetic taste. To achieve this, we should be influenced by the ever-changing trend, but should add the fashion elements of that time into the aesthetic tone we appreciate integrate them into personal taste. The dress that integrates personal temperament, self-restraint style will reflect personality, which is the way to dress in a high level.

2. Clothes should grow with your age, identity status

Professor Abbott, a western scholar, thinks that only 7% of people's perception of you is to pay attention to your conversation, 38% to observe your expression communication skills (such as attitude, tone, body language, etc.), but 55% to judge whether your appearance matches your performance, that is to say, the one you don't look like a look. Therefore, after entering the workplace, those lazy casual student images charming feminine dream style should be actively avoided. With the increase of age the change of position, your dress should match it. Remember, dress is a business card for you.


3. Basic clothing is your treasure

There is no end to the popularity of clothing, but some basic clothing is popular, such as knee length skirt, tweed wide leg pants, white shirt These are the "evergreen trees of the clothing industry", which will be new for a long time, even if they are 10 years old. These clothes are the treasure of your wardrobe. They are only good-looking, but also worth wearing for a long time. With a batch of such basic clothes, you can choose some popular clothes to match each year season according to the fashion trend.

4. Buy clothes that match your body, skin color temperament

The exquisite window elegant hall of the exclusive store are carefully designed by professionals, whose purpose is to create a special atmosphere highlight the moving parts of the clothing. However, the beautiful clothes on the models on the shelves may be suitable for you. Don't lose yourself in the illusions caused by the exquisite lighting the salesgirl's lobbying. In order to avoid being confused by the shopping atmosphere for a while, it is a very important basic course to thoroughly understand yourself, understand your body, temperament, skin color, understand the color style that you are suitable for, so as to buy back the wrong clothes. Remember, no woman is completely satisfied with her image.