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Final list of foreign trade
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Smart people start businesses to make foreign trade final list clothing, but they will tell you these five business skills

2020-05-07 09:46:49

With the development of society, people's requirements for clothing are higher higher, the initial cheap, comfortable, durable, development to now the pursuit of a variety of styles, novel unique. Everyone dresses up by clothes, hoping to show their unique beauty, so it's a headache to hit the shirt. At this time, foreign trade tailing clothing stores show their own advantages. Compared with the large-scale production sale of domestic brands, foreign trade clothing collision rate is much smaller. Therefore, foreign trade clothing with its novel style, fashion, elegant texture, as well as brand effect has won the love of many consumers.

Smart entrepreneurs seize this business opportunity set up a foreign trade clothing store. Foreign trade clothing stores have high profits relatively low business risks. Their sales in the market are very hot, which makes a good story of clothing business. But only good projects are enough. To open a foreign trade clothing store, we need some business skills, which will be told to you.

1、 Double attraction, let customers "take advantage"

For clothing business, location selection is very important, foreign trade clothing stores are no exception. But because the rent of the main street is too expensive there is no suitable location, we usually go back ask for the second place open a shop on the nearby street. So it's very likely that the flow of people in this location is too much, it's a good place for customers to choose clothes, so what should we do at this time? At this time, you need to change the clothing decoration in the shop, put the most attractive clothing into the window for display after matching, hit the sales promotion slogans such as "brand code breaking special price", "brand discount" in the eye-catching position, so as to attract passers-by, let customers see the comparison between the clothing value price, so as to generate the psychology of "good cheap" increase their purchasing desire.


2、 Skillfully use comparison to meet the needs of customers

If you want to be a foreign trade clothing store, you need to learn the skill of "comparison". Customers' perception of price beauty will be more profound after "comparison" in many cases, so it may have unexpected results to sell different clothes by comparison. For example, the sale of discount clothing new main clothing together can show a cheaper a better quality.

3、 Mixed sales, one-stop shopping for convenience

Different general clothing stores, foreign trade clothing stores are more suitable for "hodgepodge". In addition to a variety of brands, clothing types can also be sold together. Through the sale of women's, men's, children's other clothing, foreign trade clothing stores provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience, so that each customer can suitable clothing here, then several for their families.

4、 Get customers to talk up for your store

When doing activities, especially some sale activities such as price reduction discount, usually attract a lot of people to "watch". Some of them have the heart to buy, some of them are sure whether they will buy. This part of people who hold the wait--see state is our potential customers. If you want to get them, you may as well go to solicit interested customers, give them a little discount, let them speak for you. With the help of them, potential customers are often selected.

5、 Clothing exchange, guide customers to styles

Compared with the general trend clothing, the foreign trade clothing inventory time is longer, so some styles are so novel. At this time, clothing entrepreneurs can communicate with customers through clothing, such as discussing with customers about fabric, dyeing, accessories, technology other aspects of small knowledge. It is better to let customers find the advantages of foreign trade clothing through communication choose the suitable clothing for them than to pursue the fashion trend.