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Final list of foreign trade
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What do you mean by the final list of foreign trade?

2020-05-07 09:47:08

Foreign trade tail list refers to the foreign brands to provide fabric, plate type, to find domestic manufacturers. What is qualified in quality is the "genuine" in the exclusive shop, which is the garment secretly processed by the manufacturer the planned scrap materials. The only difference between the "genuine" the "genuine" is that it is in the original plan the quantity is small.

There is also a kind of tail order because of various problems, the "export to domestic sales" rejected by brand makers, sometimes in a large number. The most common is the color difference, which is inconsistent with the foreign requirements, but the quality can still be guaranteed.


Extended data:

Reasons for the appearance of the final foreign trade order

The final foreign trade order is also known as export to domestic sales. The reasons for its occurrence include that domestic products cannot reach the destination smoothly due to trade barriers other trade barriers, need to return to China; domestic products cannot reach the destination smoothly due to changes in national policies, need to return to China.

Due to the change of friendly relations between China foreign countries other reasons, domestic products cannot reach the destination need to be returned to China; due to product quality economic disputes other reasons (such as delay in shipment), it is more appropriate to return to China return to China.

In the foreign trade clothing market, the term "foreign trade tail list" appears more frequently. Some clothes because of good design appearance, coupled with the extremely attractive price advantage, make many people into the pit. But when the buyer really buy, they will find that there are such such problems, which to a large extent reveals the current situation of the last single market of foreign trade.